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Release Notes for IsoveraDL

v2.2 - September 29, 2008

This release enhances IsoveraDL version 2.1 in the following ways:

  • Performance enchantments: Server-side caching, Database indexing, Pagination, Saving Controlled Vocabulary terms
  • Controlled Vocabulary Mapping management
  • Provision for catalogers to partially save records before submission
  • Search statistics page
  • Ability to modify fixed values for higher privileged users
  • Boolean Simple Search
  • Browse Customization

v2.1 - March 7, 2008

This release enhances IsoveraDL version 2.0 in the following ways:

  • Functionality to add/manage Author/Editors list and use this list during Record addition.
  • Funtionality for Administrative users to view report for Record modification history.
  • Ability to clone Records.
  • Inclusion of comprehensive User's Manual.

v2.0 - October 30, 2007

This release enhances IsoveraDL version 1.0 in the following ways:

  • Importing and exporting records are now possible via metadata harvester plugins.
  • Advanced search ard browse functionality is now available via plugins.
  • The Peer Review System has been implemented and is available as a plugin. The Peer Review System enables users to
    1. Design Peer Review workflow
    2. Create forms to be used at various steps of a workflow
    3. Create new Peer Reviewer Groups
    4. Specify which records need to go through the Peer Reviewer process by associating input processes to workflows.
    5. Perform Peer Reviews using the designed Workflows and Forms
    6. Monitor User Workload and Review Progress

v1.0 - September 1, 2006

This release enhances the beta release in the following ways:

  • File uploads are now supported
  • The interface between input processes and input types, and between metadata structures and data types, is more extensible, allowing developers to add their own input types and data types as needed.
  • Application-level integrity constraints have been implemented, so that metadata structure fields, controlled vocabularies, and controlled vocabulary terms cannot be renamed or edited after being deploywed. Completeness constraints have also been implemented, so that every record saved by the system is guaranteed to have all required metadata structure fields.
  • The system does auto-detects the size and format of URLs and uploaded files.
  • Extended help texts are now displayed in pop-up windows.

The following improvements are planned, and will become available via plug-ins:

  • Importing and exporting records via metadata harvesting
  • A configurable browse and search interface for external users may be made available

The following features have been dropped, and are not planned for future releases:

  • Support for comma-delimited text area inputs are not supported
  • It is not possible to edit the input process display properties of fields with multiple attributes (e.g., Author, Classification).
  • The system does not provide any validation beyond testing if input for a required field is provided during cataloging.
  • Robust user and technical documentation have not been written.