IsoveraDL Database Schema

User Authorization

acos - the list of access control objects; essentially, it's a list of use cases which are possible in the system.

aros - the list of access request objects; essentially, it's a list of the user types.

aros_acos - describes the access which each aro (user type) has to each aco (use cases).

groups - the list of user groups

users - the list of users in the system

user_groups - describes which users are in which groups

Metadata Structure Management

metadata_structures - list of metadata structures in the system, usually includes just one row (“BEN-LOM v1.0”)

metadata_structure_categories - list of categories within the structure (“General”, “LifeCycle”, etc.)

metadata_structure_fields - list of fields within each metadata structure category.

Controlled Vocabulary Management

controlled_vocabularies - a list of the cv's in the database, related one-to-many to terms.

terms - a list of terms in controlled vocabularies.

controlled_vocabulary_mappings - a list of mappings between one cv and another.

term_mappings - identifies the mapping between terms within cv's that have been mapped.

Input Process Management

input_processes - list of input processes in the database

input_process_pages - list of pages within the input process

input_process_fields - list of fields within each page

input_process_field_displays - parameters which control the way each field is displayed within the input process. There may be more than one row per field, as some fields have multiple attributes: e.g., a contributor has a first name, last name, email, etc. Each such attribute has its own display.

Metadata Records

metadata_records - list of records within the system

metadata_record_fields - list of values for each fields in the metadata structure, for each record in the system

Quality Control/Validation

actions - list of actions which have been taken on the metadata records, such as create, edit, validate, de-accession, archive.

assignments - list of validation assignments for the records.

record_stages - indicates which stage of the quality control process the record is in

Peer Review System

Peer Review Assignments

assignment_groups - list of groupwise peer review assignments

assignment_steps - information about individual assignment steps of a workflow

peer_review_assignments - information about individual peer review assignments

single_review_groups - list of groupwise single review assignments

Peer Review Forms

form_structures - general information about each form e.g. title, description, help text

form_strcuture_fields - parameters which control the way each field is displayed within the form.

form_options - informaion about each field in the form

peer_review_form_values - information about the data types and default values of each form field

Review Steps

parallel_review_steps - defines individual parallel review steps

peer_review_others - stores information about review decisions at each single/parallel review step

redirect_steps - stores information about redirect steps avaiable from each assignment step

single_review_steps - defines individual single review steps

Peer Review Workflows

workflows - defines information about each workflow

workflow_inputprocesses - indicates association between workflow and input processes

peer_reviews - links records with peer review workflows and identifies current status of record within the worflow