News Updates

June 29, 2010

IsoveraDL v2.4 released.
See the release notes and download the new version.

September 10, 2009

IsoveraDL v2.3 released.
See the release notes and download the new version.

May 18, 2009

IsoveraDL adopts the Educational Community License (ECL) version 2.0.

September 30, 2008

IsoveraDL v2.2 released.
See the release notes and download the new version.

July 1, 2008

IsoveraDL Wiki released.

March 7, 2008

IsoveraDL v2.1 released.
See the release notes and download the new version.

What is IsoveraDL?

IsoveraDL is a digital library and peer review system. IsoveraDL allows you to upload and serve your learning resources along with associated record metadata in a very organized and dynamic way.

IsoveraDL uses a resource publication workflow that models the existing off-line record management workflow in use by different BEN partners. In addition IsoveraDL also provides a Peer Review module which allows users to create and use dynamic Peer Review workflows. Using IsoveraDL, permitted users can upload records and metadata for Peer Reviewed by others. Metadata records can be validated by a different set of users before they are published.

The record submission forms used in IsoveraDL for adding resources are highly customizable and administrative users have the option of setting up as many of these forms as required. The Controlled Vocabularies and metadata fields used in IsoveraDL conform to BEN Learning Object Metadata specification. Administrative users have the ability to edit or add to these vocabularies and fields if needed.

Optionally, the IsoveraDL Peer Review module may be used in conjunction with IsoveraDL’s record submission forms. If a record submission form is set up for Peer Review then all records submitted through the form are Peer Reviewed before they can be validated. Administrative users can create workflows, associated forms and reviewer groups for the Peer Review module. The Peer Review module also has a reporting interface through which administrative users can easily monitor the progress and workload of all records and users associated with the module.

Once a record is validated and published, users are able to discover resources through IsoveraDL’s search and browse functionality. Records published through IsoveraDL can be easily harvested to the BEN portal through the built-in Harvester module.

Who is IsoveraDL for?

Anyone can download and use IsoveraDL (Educational Community License). BEN Collaborator may subscribe to IsoveraDL Software as a Service (SaaS), a hosted turnkey digital library based on IsoveraDL that will be available later in 2008.

How can I use IsoveraDL?

You can either set up IsoveraDL in your own server or subscribe to IsoveraDL SaaS. If you decide to set up IsoveraDL in your own server there are two ways to go about it: