IsoveraDL Monthly Meeting – Meeting Minutes

September 9th 2008


  • Cal Collins - Isovera
  • Shakib Mostafa - Isovera
  • Sergey Demidenko - Isovera
  • Diana Darnell - SDB
  • Jennifer Reim - ESA
  • Charles Monroe - APS

Covered Topics

  • Review ESA issues saved in the issue tracking system
  • Update on Isovera enhancements
  • Update on September 30th release of IsoveraDL
  • Open floor for questions
  • Open floor for suggestions

Review ESA issues saved in the issue tracking system

  • Isovera has acknowledged the issues in Mantis and is working to resolve them
  • Suggestions to Peer Review system from ESA have been made in the issue tracking system
  • More suggestions coming after full peer review rounds are done

Update on Isovera enhancements

  • Issues from before have been completed: pagination, server side caching, etc (see PowerPoint presentation)
  • Controlled Vocabulary performance enhancement: when saving large controlled vocabulary lists, this function has greatly been increased in speed.
  • Controlled Vocabulary mapping functionality: users are now able to edit, delete, and view controlled vocabulary mappings
  • Setting default values for complex input types in the input process configuration
  • Provisions for catalogers to save a record and come back later to complete it
  • Search statistics page: have added saving of searched term and an interface to view them. Have also setup a Google Analytics account to track web site usage.

Update on September 30th release of IsoveraDL

  • Customizing search and browse - For customization of the browse interface this will allow administrators to define what controlled vocabulary is used. For customization of the search, the administrator will be able to select which metadata fields are searched.
  • Boolean search and browse: there will be options for both for AND and OR and a drop down or radio button will be used to select which one to use.
  • Validators will be able to edit catalog values which have been set as “visible. but not editable.”

Open floor for questions

  • Question [ESA]: How to get new September 30th release?
  • Answer [Isovera]: We have suggested to AAAS to upgrade ESA, VIDA, and BioQUEST to get a complimentary Isovera assisted upgrade. The download will also be available on the Wiki.

  • Question [ESA]: How will this affect downtime of our system?
  • Answer [Isovera]: There will be partial downtime to the system. It is suggested to avoid major record submission during the same week of the upgrade.
  • Comment [ESA]: ESA will have a window in the winter to do the upgrade.

  • Question [ESA]: What happens when in peer review you run out of time when reviewing a record?
  • Answer [Isovera]: The reviewer will get an email everyday asking him or her to complete the review.

  • Question [ASM]: Using Google Analytics, can we track how many users are coming from the BEN portal?
  • Answer [Isovera]: Yes, at the Google Analytics reports page, go to “Traffic Sources” then “Referring Sites”

Open floor for suggestions

  • Suggestion [ESA]: There's no way to include authors in the workflow, and they should be included since after their submission is reviewed, they'll need to make edits to their submissions. And they should be able to see the reviewers' and editor's comments when they do this, but not the reviewers' names. Also, reviewers should not be able to see each other. Authors should have the ability to modify file, ability to crop or change the photo, and change the metadata. Versioning of files is ideal, but not necessary.

  • Suggestion [ESA]: Administrators should be able to move records in and out of the peer review workflow. For example, there are some submissions which need to be just kicked out of the review process because they are not acceptable for review at all.
  • Comment [Isovera]: where would you want those records to show up?
  • Comment [ESA]: Not sure, whatever works; it's more about the ability rather than the process.
  • Comment [Isovera]: One possible place could be in “Saved as Draft” section under the validation stages page.

  • Suggestion [ESA]: There's no way to delete submissions once they're in the peer review system without fully reviewing them. This means any test records I send through and any submissions we immediately decide are not appropriate are just cluttering up the system.

  • Suggestion [ESA]: Any edit to the peer review process duplicates the peer review process. This is going to get really unwieldy over time, and it means that if I change the peer review process to address a current problem, I have to re-submit any records that were pending before I edited the review process. And I can't remove those original records from peer review without going through a fake review to get them to the data validation stage.
  • Comment [Isovera]: possible functionality to delete a peer review workflow when all the records have been completed for that workflow.

  • Suggestion [ESA]: For search statistics page also track record detail pages and resource downloads.

  • Suggestion [ESA]: For Boolean search to use a short list of symbols to define a search, + or - to add and remove terms, parenthesis to assign priority, etc.

Next scheduled Call

Oct. 13th 2008 3 PM