IsoveraDL Monthly Meeting – Meeting Minutes

August 12th 2008


  • Cal Collins - Isovera
  • Shakib Mostafa - Isovera
  • Sergey Demidenko - Isovera
  • Diana Darnell - SDB
  • Nancy Pelaez - VIDA
  • Jean Kayira - ASM
  • Samantha Katz - AAAS
  • Annalisa VanHook - AAAS
  • Jennifer Reim - ESA
  • Charles Monroe - APS
  • Nancy Gough - SS

Covered Topics

Questions & Answers

  • Question [VIDA]: Can separate collections harvest to NSDL? When will BEN portal harvest to NSDL?
  • Answer [Isovera]: BEN portal is technicality ready to harvest to NSDL.
  • Answer [AAAS]: Will check with Yolanda about harvesting to NSDL.

  • Question [ASM]: Is it possible to see who asked the question in the ”Post a Question” wiki section?
  • Answer [Isovera]: Please write your name and organization next to your question. Isovera will organize the formatting.

  • Question: Should we be using the Bug Tracker or ”Post a Question” wiki section to submit a question?
  • Answer [Isovera]: The Bug Tracker will be used to submit issues and feature requests for organizations which are closely involved with a BEN project. For example, have a hosted IsoveraDL implementation. The Bug Tracker requires an account. To setup an account please send an email to us including the emails account(s) you would like to be created. The ”Post a Question” wiki section does not require login or account. This will be used for open ended questions regard BEN in general. The ”Post a Question” wiki section will be moderated by Isovera staff.

  • Question [AIBS]: Harvesting has been done a quarterly basis in the past. This is this still under the same time line?
  • Answer [AAAS]: Harvesting is still done on a quarterly basis harvesting. However we will need to check with Yolanda on the exact dates for the harvests.

  • Question [APS]: We need to re-synchronize our library with the records on BEN portal. This would mean some records need to be deleted from BEN portal. How can we do that?
  • Answer [Isovera]: The harvesting tool which APS runs (reaper.cgi) uses an OAI 1.1 protocol. Though the OAI 1.1 protocol supports deleting records, the reaper.cgi tool does not. Also, IsoveraDL supports OAI 2.0 protocol and supports deleting records it has been fully tested and is in production.

  • Question: On the BEN portal, should we flag and records which are no longer associated with a collection or that we know are outdated?
  • Answer: This is an opened ended question to the BEN working group.

  • Question [ESA]: We have an issue with IsoveraDL when entering metedata. This issue has been difficult to reproduce but occurs when going back and forth between pages within a metedata records and other metedata records. The field data is entered but sometimes disappears.
  • Answer [Isovera]: ESA is running IsoveraDL version 1.0 this issue has been fixed in the current version.

Next scheduled Call

September 9th 2008