IsoveraDL Monthly Meeting – Meeting Minutes

July 8th 2008


  • Cal Collins - Isovera
  • Shakib Mostafa - Isovera
  • Sergey Demidenko - Isovera
  • Yolanda George - AAAS
  • Brittany Zelman - AAAS
  • Nancy Gough - SS
  • Charles Monroe - APS
  • Nancy Pelaez - VIDA
  • Jennifer Riem - ESA


  • What is the purpose of these monthly meetings
  • What is IsoveraDL
  • How IsoveraDL fits into BEN


Cover IsoveraDL related topics at the end of the conference call so that partners who are not using this digital library can sign off the call. (Instead of covering IsoveraDL topics at the beginning of the call)

Overview of scheduled meetings

These are meetings to keep you up to date with the progress of IsoveraDL and also to get your ideas on how to improve the system and feedback on any issues you face on a regular basis.

We will hold these meetings once a month for the next six months and try to set a time for the next meeting at the end of each of these calls.

Goal of call

  • get feedback
  • schedule call for next month

Decided Scheduled time for Calls

  • Second week of each month on Tuesday 3pm

Overview of today’s call

  • Review new project documents page
  • Answer support questions

Update on project documents page

The project documents page in the BEN portal is the most effective way to disseminate knowledge about the IsoveraDL system as well as the BEN harvester requirements.

We understand the need for this page to be constantly updated and more structured and therefore we are in the process of completely revamping this page by making it wiki driven and reorganizing the content in the following way:

Everything related to IsoveraDL will be moved to a different page with wiki type technology.

Content will be organized in three major sections:

  • Instructions and other related information/suggestions on how to set up your own BEN compatible digital library and harvester software
  • References to important documentation e.g. BEN-LOM, XML schema, suggested database schema etc
  • FAQ and other means of getting your feedback. We will provide you with two ways to send us your feedback: the first one is to send us feedback via email and the second one is a form using which you can also send us feedback. If you submit any questions through the form these and their answers will be visible to the whole group through a new page in the website.

There will also be a smaller section on instructions and other related information on how to make use of provided software to set up your digital library and perform harvesting.


For the forum where users will be able to ask questions, there needs to be a search function to locate previously asked questions and answers.

Update on BEN technical Documentation

  • Cal: BEN-LOM specification is the most up to date as far as Isovera is aware
  • Nancy G: BEN-LOM and BEN XSD resource type list do not match
  • Cal: BEN XSD has been updated to match the resource type list
  • Nancy P: All metadata is not searched on BEN portal
  • Nancy G: no documentation on project documents page for technical developers; only white paper and XSD this need to be transformed into a document for developers. Developers cant use PDF document to create a database.

Goals for next call

  • Tutorial on harvesting process: a 20 minute overview without detail on metadata structure. Cover which tools can be used and the architecture of the process.

IsoveraDL status update

Currently we are working on performance enhancement and looking into adding features to the system that were commonly requested by the IsoveraDL system users.

  • Performance enhancement update and immediate plans:
    • Faster search and browse
    • Faster processing for administrative tasks
    • Pagination of more pages
    • Less time to set up submission forms
    • Less time to manage controlled vocabularies
  • We are taking various steps to accomplish these:
    • Database and query optimization
      • Data caching
      • Using javascript for some validation
      • Some php tuning and apache configuration
      • Code change

We hope to complete the Database and query optimization and data caching and get it ready for beta testing by July 17th. Once we have implemented and fully tested these optimizations we will get in touch with each of you who have an existing system to incorporate these changes to your system.

  • Other outstanding issues:
    • Customizable search and browse
    • Added functionality for uploading/harvesting records

Includes setting default values to complex input types, allowing validators or administrators to change values of metadata fields that were fixed in the submission forms and Boolean search.

  • Save incomplete records before submission
  • Manage controlled vocabulary mapping
  • Demonstration of IsoveraDL:
    • Accounts can be setup for users. Please email Isovera.

Priorities for partners:

  • ESA – managing controlled vocabulary mappings
  • VIDA – BEN portal report on which search terms are used
  • VIDA – save search terms and report them to admin

IsoveraDL SaaS status update

We have set up our development server and are in the process of acquiring the production server from AAAS. We need some information from you in order to get a server that will meet our needs:

  • How many users use/do you anticipate using your system?
  • If you already have a DL, what is the avg monthly bandwidth? What is the peak bandwidth?
  • What are the peak times when you see the most number of users using your system?

We will work in parallel to set up our development environment for the SaaS system with the IsoveraDL performance enhancement. The first SaaS system will include these performance enhancements. Additional features will be added on later.

Proposed agenda for next call

  • Tutorial on metadata harvesting (record session through GoToMeeting)
  • Update BEN XSD discipline and pedagogical use fields to be required and list controlled vocabulary fields
  • IsoveraDL performance upgrades BETA ready
  • IsoveraDL edit controlled vocabulary mapping is a priority
  • GoToMeeting conference call: when on hold there is music playing which disrupts the meeting
  • Retrieve search statistics from BEN and implements into IsoveraDL (number of searches, browsers used, number of downloads, search terms used)
  • Can individual partners harvest to NSDL? VIDA would like to do this—are there other partners?