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What is the BEN LOM?

The BEN metadata specification is for use by BEN Collaborative partners that want their collections of
online biological sciences teaching and learning resources searchable at the BEN portal site.

The purpose of the BEN metadata specification is to support the cataloging of BEN learning resources
and user discovery (searching and browsing) of biology teaching and learning resources.

Part of the development of the portal and digital library collections entailed the establishment of a metadata specification that all partners agreed to adhere to for describing their collection’s material. The initial metadata specification was the result of ten-months of work and meetings by the working group members. The BEN portal site catalog and three partner collections (APS, ASM, and ESA) implemented the initial version of the specification for beta testing, conducted during the month of April 2002.

Who updates the BEN LOM?

How do I know if the BEN LOM has been updated?

What do I have to do if the BEN LOM has been updated?